Low Income Housing

In our nowadays, one can never be too sure when he might be in need of affordable housing. We are in a global financial crisis and none our job positions can be considered secure. When there is no work, the household income diminishes and you might have to move out of your current home and move in HUD apartments, provided by housing authorities and affordable housing programs.

Do people really need affordable housing?

Though most people think that the economics of the country is developing quite well, more and more people are in the need of low income apartments and low-income housing. Affordable housing is considered when you are spending no more than 30% of your annual income on that matter. Paying above that border of 30% might give you a hard time finding the funds to buy clothes and food or pay for transportation and necessary medical care. As per recent researches, between 11 and 12 million pay about 50% of their annual income for those reasons, which is obviously not considered affordable housing. This makes it hard for them to meet their other needs, like having savings or buying enough food. Keep in mind that the government is not the only institution giving people affordable housing. In some areas and cities, there are apartments for rarely low rent costs. It’s a good idea checking the ads and real estate property agencies for any low-rent apartments before advancing to candidate for a home from the housing authorities.

What is the affordable housing acceptance process like? When will I get into one of the HUD apartments?

Most people seem to think that when they candidate for accommodation in low income apartments, the process will be fast and in a week or two, they will have already moved to their new dwelling. I regret saying this, but the process might take a long time. In some states, according to the length of the waiting lists, the interval between the candidature and the call for acceptance in the program might be as long as a whole year. Some programs for affordable housing might require you to visit courses and other might require you to do some kind of work for the benefit of the community. If you decline to do that work, you will be instantly disqualified and put off the waiting list for affordable housing.

A really important factor, to whether you are going to get the low-income housing or not, is your income. Although this is for people with low income, you do need to have some source of income. Some agencies will go through your personal belongings and cut you off the affordable housing program if you own an expensive car or land and property on your name. The best way to proceed when you really need affordable housing, is to sell those and candidate for the job again. If you are single and don’t quite make a lot of money, you have a hard chance at getting in this affordable housing program. The people targeted are single parents and families with children that would like to live in a better place. Though this might be considered discrimination for affordable housing by a lot of people, it is the fair way. People that have children are often put at the top of the waiting list and are served at least a little bit faster than other normal applicants.

Isn’t getting into affordable housing programs embarrassing?

A lot of people seem to have problems with admitting that they live in affordable housing. Society has crammed in our heads that money are somehow a meter for who you are. The fact that you rely on affordable housing programs, because you have low income, doesn’t mean that you are nobody in society. There are a lot of programs that have especially built blocks of flats which are rented out to people with financial problems. So even if you get in such affordable housing, you will meet people with the same problems as yours. This is a fine way of exchanging experience and learning to support each other. Though everybody has their problems, people in such places tend to be more friendly and helpful and will make anything possible to feel at home in the affordable housing.

How can I get out of the affordable housing; how can I gain financial stability?

Though I am no expert in finances, and some of my advices might sound really bad, I think that you should really learn to live economic. Remember that there are people out there that get to eat once per day or two. If you’re eating 5 times per day and spending money on chips and coke, then you can’t expect to get out of this slope and out of the affordable housing respectively. You need to learn financial culture and how to spend and save your money. For instance, stop buying those expensive brandy clothes, rather go to the second hand shop and get something preserved. This is the right way to get out of the affordable housing apartments.

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