Low Income Housing

Housing Options for the Low Income

According to recent studies, the affordable housing options for the low income groups in United States are getting limited day by day, and it’s a bothersome scenario. Only few housing choices are left that working or poor people can really afford. However, the department of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) in United States has planned several subsidies and federal aids for regional housing agencies to help them manage affordable rental housing for low-income groups. In compliance of Section 8 of Housing Act 1937, there are different housing schemes initiated and sponsored by HUD such as Public Housing, Subsidized Apartments for elderly/disable persons, Rental Assistance, and Housing-Choice-Voucher-Programs etc.

Public Housing

Public housing program is intended to offer safe and decent housing facilities for low-income people falling under eligibility criteria. There are all types and sizes of accommodations available in this housing scheme ranging from separate studio apartments to high-rise housing units for elderly/disable residents. The housing and urban development unit determines the income criteria against which the eligibility of an individual or a family is checked for public housing scheme. These limits are different for all areas andare usually specified with reference to average incomes in the area where one wants to live.

Anyone who finds himself eligible for this scheme can apply for an affordable house to his local housing agency. After your application, your HA will notify you about the final decision taken by HUD about your eligibility or ineligibility for public housing. If you lucky got selected for this scheme, you can get a public housing unit at a rent determined in view of your annual income and some other factors. Remember, your housing agency is just a representative who acts on behalf of HUD.

Low-Income Senior Housing

Only the low-income individuals of sixty-two or above can apply for senior housing. The candidates also need to have their gross incomes less than fifty per cent of the average income of the area. Senior housing is generally offered to elderly people who require everyday assistance for their living or require regular care-taking. Seniors are required to give up to thirty per cent of the total rent of their housing unit.

Seniors are allowed to use housing vouchers to choose the house of their own choice, given that the housing agency agrees to acknowledge HUD housing voucher for the payment of due rent. Seniors may choose to reside in housing facilities approved or managed by HUD.

Subsidized Apartments for Elderly/Disable Persons

These are also multifamily housing apartments especially designed for disable and senior individuals and families. Being subsidized by HUD, these apartments are an attractive and economical housing option for targeted group in United States. These multifamily apartments are equipped with all the amenities required by disable or senior residents.

The Section 8 Choice Housing Voucher Programs

According to the rules of the Section 8 choice voucher programs, one can get a house of his own choice and can use vouchers to pay reduced rent. These vouchers are also issued by housing and urban development unit of United States.

In all these different low-income housing schemes subsidized by U.S. government, one is eligible until he meets the set criteria. If upon reexamination of the families and individuals living in these subsidized houses it is found that the tenants can now afford (financially or physically) to live in private housing, their lease is cancelled and also their eligibility for public housing.

More than one million families are currently living in these housing units administered by almost 3,300 housing agencies. The eligibility for benefiting from public housing is determined by: annual income, age/disability, and citizenship/immigration status. Besides, the housing agencies also check the references of prospective tenants so as to make sure their tenancy and criminal history.

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